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Spirit Hunters Proves To Us That Even Ghosts Can Be Good

Spirit Hunters

A shorthanded Spirit Hunters team must begin to believe in order to solve a case.

In the last issue of Spirit Hunters, Ellen and Dr. Chase take on the case of inmate deaths at a prison believed to be one of the most haunted places in the country.  When they get caught in the middle of a prison break, Ellen uses her powers to communicate with the spirit haunting the prison.  It is going well until she starts convulsing and bleeding from her arms.  She had gone too deep into the spirit world but ultimately finds out who the real killer is.

Spirit Hunters

In this newest issue, Dr. Chase stays behind to watch over Ellen recover from her spirit world incident.  He wants to make sure her mental state goes back to as normal as possible so he leaves Vera to head the next case.  Curtis and Ferguson accompany Vera to an apartment complex in Missoula, Montana where its female occupants have been tied to a chair and had their arms cut repeatedly.   As soon they enter the apartment, Vera gets a bad feeling about what’s going on.  Her feelings are confirmed when her cellphone signal fades and she meets Morton the janitor and Damon, one of the residents.  The team encounters spirits in the complex, but the spirits do not behave the way they are used to seeing them behave.

Pat Shand and Ralph Tedesco gave us a nice twist in this issue of Spirit Hunters.  We saw more of Vera, Curtis and Ferguson in action as Dr. Chase and Ella sat this one out.  Curtis, once the doubting Thomas of the group, finally becomes a believer which ultimately drives him to help Vera and crack the case.  The spirits who were thought to be involved in the abduction and torture of the female victims wind up helping the team, even though Curtis bears a striking resemblance to Damon.  It was quite the case and it will be interesting to see how the Ella story arc plays out in conjunction with the team’s everyday cases.  Julius Abrera handles the artwork for this issue and it’s great.  He made the apartment complex and its inhabitants creepier than the spirits themselves.  Jorge Cortes and Slamet Mujiono split color duties which added to the creepiness of Julius Abrera’s art.  Anthony Spay and Jorge Cortes did an amazing work on the cover art which captures Ella’s torment and her now-fragile mental state.

The hits just keep on coming for Zenescope!  Spirit Hunters is almost halfway through and is already a proven hit.  Zenescope already has a stacked lineup with Van Helsing vs. The Mummy of Amun-Ra, Red Agent: The Human Order and plenty more but Spirit Hunters adds more mystery and suspense to the supernatural and action present in Zenescope’s work.  Remember to visit Zenescope’s website and your local comic shop to pick up Spirit Hunters and other great titles!

Written by Pat Shand and Ralph Tedesco

Art by Julius Abrera

Colors by Jorge Cortes (p. 1-18) & Slamet Mujiono (p. 19-22)

Cover Art by Anthony Spay and Jorge Cortes

25 pages

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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