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Red Agent Starts To See The Price Of Her Missions Being Paid

Red Agent

Red Agent must cope with heartbreak and loss as her mission carries on.

In the last issue of Red Agent The Human Order, Britney and the the team were sent to investigate the deaths of crew members of a ship carrying a biochemical which could control Highborn powers.  When the team boards, they are met by a sea demon who was responsible for the death of the crew.  After a fierce and bloody battle, the demon is defeated and the biochemical is recovered but at the cost of Britney’s teammate, Ryder.
Red Agent
In this newest issue, we see Britney laying in a hospital all bandaged up with no idea how she got there.  She is met by Thessaly White, who has taken over the Highborn Initiative.  She informs Britney of what had happened and how she wound up in the hospital.  An android named Alpha exploited weaknesses in the team’s mountain base and launched a surprise attack.  There were many casualties, including Initiative leader General Tate, but only Britney, Ditto and Avril survived and barely.   Back in the base of The Order, Alpha is being repaired and vows to carry on his mission to destroy humans and Red Agent Britney Waters.
Red Agent The Human Order has taken quite the emotional turn in this issue and showed the true price of battle and espionage.  Lou Iovino and Joe Brusha did a great job with the story.  We’re so used to seeing Britney as this tough, sharp-tongued warrior who can turn into a wolf at a moment’s notice, so seeing her in a weakened, vulnerable state is a change of pace and really strengthens her character.  She feels responsible for the deaths and injuries of her team and refuses to leave Avril and Ditto when Thessaly urges Britney to get herself transferred to a European base of operations.  The best part of Zenescope is not only do you get a great story, you get great artwork and colors as well.  Renato Rei and Ace Continuado did a great job on the artwork especially when it came to the mountain base sequence.  The colors were a triple threat combination of Hedwin Zaldivar, Grostieta and Jorge Cortes.  They did a great job transitioning from the clean white tone of the hospital to the fire and destruction of the base then back to the hospital again.  The cover art was given a nice patriotic nod courtesy of Sheldon Goh and Sanju Nivangune.
As an avid traveler who is always looking for a new place to go, Zenescope is a great source of inspiration.  Red Agent The Human Order, Spirit Hunters and Van Helsing vs… are among many titles who travel to all kinds of places and take the reader with them.  Whether it be London, Transylvania, Egypt or my hometown of New York City, I can’t help but imagine myself in those places among the characters, sights and sounds.  Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Red Agent The Human Order or any other Zenescope titles at your local comic book shop and be inspired to go on a worldwide adventure.
Written by Lou Iovino
Art by Renato Rei and Ace Continuado
Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar, Grostieta and Jorge Cortes
Cover Art by Sheldon Goh and Sanju Nivangune
25 pages
(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)
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