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Hellchild Is Offered A Divine Propostition And…The Truth?


The streets of New York are running red and only Hellchild can end it all.

We hope you are enjoying March of Mummies 2017 and there is still plenty more to unwrap!  In the meantime, we still have the favorite coverage you crave.  In the last issue of Hellchild The Unholy, Angelica Blackstone must destroy snake creatures which have taken to the streets under the order of Ouroboros, who was formerly Kevin Nestor.  They prey on the innocent citizens of New York until Angelica arrives with her friends and unleashes a reptilian bloodbath.  Angelica begins to wonder about her role in the world and if she is meant to be a vampire with a bloodlust or is it possible for her to be more.


In this newest issue, Angelica confronts Ouroboros in a fight to the death.  He gets the better of her but does not kill her.  Instead, he proposes she join him as a “god” and take over the city.  Angelica refuses and fights on but Ouroboros tells her more about Jezebel, the woman who is paying Angelica to kill him.  Angelica must now decide for herself who the villain really is and what their endgame is when it comes to wanting her on their side.  While she retreats into her feelings, the city is about to erupt in a war between underground dwellers and the NYPD.

It would be hard to believe a comic book about a vampire who has piercings, tattoos and wild hair would have moments of introspection and questions of belonging but it does.  Pat Shand is giving the story some deep moments as it nears its final issue.  Angelica is the daughter of Hades and is more than willing to shed, and drink, the blood of her enemies.  However, she’s had moments questioning who she is and where she will go when the fighting stops and the monsters are finally vanquished.  It was nice to see Liesel Van Helsing featured in this issue, bringing the Zenescope universe together as one.  Renzo Rodriguez is back with superb art and Walter Baiamonte’s colors bring the art, and bloodshed, to lizard-skinned life.  The cover art is badass!  Abhishek Malsuni, Abhishek Singh and Zsolt H. Garisa did an outstanding job!  Angelica is not one to be messed with!

Hellchild The Unholy is coming to its final issue and it will be exciting to see what becomes of Angelica and her world.  I cannot wait for the final issue because I know it will be a good one and the series will go out on a solid note.  The team at Zenescope does a fantastic job with its titles from beginning to end which is why I will always continue to read as many of their titles as I can get my hands on.  Don’t forget to visit Zenescope.com for more on Angelica Blackstone and the rest of the characters that Zenescope has to offer.  Hellchild The Unholy is in stores now so head over to your local comic book shop today!

Written by Pat Shand

Artwork by Renzo Rodriguez

Colors by Walter Baiamonte

Cover Art by Abhishek Malsuni, Abhishek Singh and Zsolt H. Garisa

25 pages

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)



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