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Van Helsing Alternate Season One Promo Posters Revealed!

Van Helsing

Get ready for season 2 of Syfy’s Van Helsing with these newly-released alternate posters from season one!

Over the weekend via social media, Canadian photographer Brendan Meadows released alternate posters from season one of Syfy’s Van Helsing starring Kelly Overton.  While we are all familiar with the poster of her holding a skull in one hand and a gun in the other set against the dark, apocalyptic ruins of a city, these new posters offer a fresh look at Vanessa and her world.  They are a nice way to get ready for season 2, which is currently being filmed in Vancouver.

In the first poster, we see Vanessa on top of rubble holding her gun and skull.  While she seems small as the shot is a distance shot, you get more of a scope of how bad the apocalypse really is.  If you notice, she is dressed different as well.  In the main poster, she is wearing a black tank top and fingerless gloves.  In this new poster, she is wearing the shirt but also something that could be a bandana or vest over the shirt.

In the second poster, she is on the same pile of rubble, but crouched down and aiming her shotgun with blackbirds circling.  It is a great action shot and a change from the skull and gun photos.  It is a good speculation photo as well.  Is she shooting at a bird?  Does she spot a vampire behind one of her friends?  It is one of my personal favorites of the new set of posters.

The third poster is a variation of the main skull-in-hand poster.  She is dressed in all black like the other posters but she does not have her gun.  The background is kept the same as the first poster with the hollowed out buildings and birds circling.  Instead of the skull being on fire, there is dust spilling from the eye sockets.  This may suggest she has just vaporized a vampire with sunlight.

The fourth and final poster is my other personal favorite of the group.  Vanessa is not a woman to be messed with and her face in this poster shows it.  She is fierce, tough and on a mission.  She holds the flaming skull closer to her face while holding a hand gun.  All in all, the posters look great as does Kelly Overton.

I cannot wait for season 2 of Van Helsing.  It will be great to see Kelly Overton, Trezzo Mahoro, Rukiya Bernard, Aleks Paunovic and the rest of the cast back on the screen and on Twitter.  They are an amazing group of actors and actresses working with an amazing writer in Neil LaBute.  The show is entertaining with a mix of action, horror and drama.

Van Helsing airs Fridays this Fall at 10pm on Syfy.  Check your local listings.

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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