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Liesel Van Helsing Returns This Summer With a Brand New Monster!

Van Helsing

Liesel Van Helsing returns to fight yet another classic monster!

A monster hunter’s work never seems to be done!  She fought Dracula, she fought Frankenstein and she is currently fighting The Mummy.  Will Liesel Van Helsing ever get a break?  Unfortunately for her-and fortunately for us fans-the answer is not anytime soon.  As per social media, Zenescope announced it is bringing back our favorite slayer of the supernatural for another round of action and snarky one-liners.  Van Helsing vs. The Mummy is Pat Shand’s last run as Liesel’s writer so Chuck Dixon has been brought on to write this upcoming six-issue series.

Van Helsing

Chuck Dixon has written such DC Comics titles as Birds of Prey, The Joker: Last Laugh, and Batman and The Outsiders Vol. 2 among many others.  He has also written such Marvel Comics titles as Conan The Savage, The Punisher: War Zone and Marvel Knights.  He was an Inkpot Award recipient in 2014.  It will be interesting to see what Chuck Dixon brings to table after we’ve grown accustom to Pat Shand’s style and how he had brought the character to life and evolved her throughout his run as writer.  It will be exciting to see Chuck’s spin on Liesel considering the legendary characters he has worked on in the past.  This is the third classic monster that Zenescope has used a variation of to fight Liesel which begs the question, “Will they go all the way with it?”  Will we be seeing such monsters as the Creature, the Bride or even the Invisible Man?  We may not know the answer, but we will report it if and when it happens.

Van Helsing vs. The Mummy of Amun-Ra is on comic book stands now and issue number four is set to be released this week so stay tuned for our review.  For more information on Liesel Van Helsing and other characters, visit Zenescope.com.  Also, be sure to check out your local comic shop to pick up the latest Zenescope titles.

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