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Alex Kurtzman Talks “Bride of Frankenstein”, Charlize Theron, and More!

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Alex Kurtzman talks upcoming “Bride of Frankenstein” and cast!

Bride of FrankensteinWith The Mummy now playing in theaters, attention is slowly starting to shift towards the next installment in Universal Pictures’ “Dark Universe” – Bride of Frankenstein. While promoting The Mummy, director/producer and “Dark Universe” creative architect, Alex Kurtzman, spoke more about Bride of Frankenstein and what fans could expect. Universal Monsters fans and industry members will now more than ever be following the development of director Bill Condon’s Bride of Frankenstein as there is more pressure on this film to perform well in light of The Mummy under performing at the domestic box office. With that said, having a visionary director like Condon attached to the film will almost certainly assure that Bride of Frankenstein is a monster movie of the highest quality that pays true homage to the original pictures directed by James Whale.

One of the major aspects that many have not taken into consideration is that Universal Pictures are looking at a range of budgets for their “Dark Universe” films to offer a variety of pictures that feel appropriate to each given classic monster. Worries that each film will be a big-budget, action/adventure movie like The Mummy could be put to rest as Bride of FrankensteinThe Invisible Man and others will be considerably their own films, independent of what audiences were given in The Mummy. “I think that variety is going to be our good friend when it comes to the evolution of “Dark Universe.” You obviously want to set a somewhat consistent tone, so that people know what to expect when you see these movies, but it would be ideal for each movie to have its own identity, which is largely going to be dependent on who is directing the films and who is starring in the films. I’m really excited to see what Bill Condon does with Bride of Frankenstein” said Alex Kurtzman.

When asked about the status of Bride of Frankenstein, Kurtzman said the following:

“We have a great script by David Koepp. In many ways it’s different from Mummy and in some ways it’s similar. This is a guy who did Gods and Monsters, which is one of my favorite films ever. He uniquely understands James Whale and what those monsters represent and Frankenstein’s Bride. I want it to feel like a Bill Condon movie. As an audience member that’s what I would want, and I would apply that to all of our films.”

Bride of Frankenstein is easily going to be the film to follow over the next year, especially as it gets closer to its February 2019 release. Bill Condon is a director that always manages to expertly convey a clear vision with each film and he loves the classic monsters very much. For a Frankenstein movie, and even a Bride movie, director Bill Condon is easily the best person for the job. Whereas Universal’s The Mummy was never the most iconic of monsters (and you don’t really ever meet to many people that cite him/her as their favorite of the classics), the Bride is easily in the top three. There’s a certain iconography to Elsa Lanchester’s beautiful monster that is unforgettable and translating that to modern day audiences is going to be very rewarding and extraordinarily relevant as the film deals with ideas of empowerment and liberation. But who could bring her to life?

Bride of Frankenstein

According to Universal Pictures, casting is underway and an announcement of who will be playing the Bride is expected shortly. From what we understand, a casting announcement could be expected sometime this summer. Aside from Frankenstein’s Monster being Javier Bardem, not much else is known other than just being speculated. Angelina Jolie had been a front runner for a few years now, but there is no word on whether she will be the actress chosen for the role. Alex Kurtzman revealed the following names earlier this month: “I’d love to bring Michael Fassbender in, I’d love to bring Jennifer Lawrence in, I’d love to see Charlize Theron in there, Angelina Jolie…” in regards to the “Dark Universe.” It’s worth pointing out that Charlize Theron has been associated with the role of the Bride this past year, especially given her track record and association with Universal through The Fate of the Furious and next month’s Atomic Blonde (which also stars Sofia Boutella).

If you were to ask me about casting, I’d offer the names of Charlize Theron and Dan Stevens for Bride of Frankenstein. If you’d like to take that with a grain of salt, be my guest!

Who would you like to see cast in Bride of Frankenstein? Be sure to leave your comments below.

As always, stay tuned to Universal Monsters Universe for the latest on Bride of Frankenstein and “Dark Universe.”


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  1. I kinda dont think, it’s a good move to go there,
    there are alot

    do the icons first,
    Wolfman, Nosferatus,

    also 2019 wow
    that is bit long time to wait,

    Fans hate the wait,
    it’s kinda like “the mummy” is a slow momentum, and then we need to wait 2 more years for it,


    hope you can do 2 movies in 2019,

  2. I would like to see a younger actress take on the role of the bride. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence or Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men?

  3. Javier Bardem as the Frankenstein Monster ? Why not Hank Azaria ? IMO, he bears much more of a physical appearance to Karloff and I’m sure would do a great job. As for the Bride , Charlize Theron would be a great choice with probably Steve Buscemi as the good doctor and maybe , Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Pretorious ?


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