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Syfy’s Van Helsing Season Two Trailer Debuts At San Diego Comic Con!

Van Helsing

The blood was flowing in San Diego as the trailer for season two of Syfy’s Van Helsing premiered during a Q&A panel with the cast and crew of the hit series!

This afternoon between 3pm and 3:45pm PST, the world learned that, unlike in Van Helsing, humans and vampires can co-exist.  The cast and crew answered moderator and fan questions about the show ranging from the characters to what to expect in season two.  Kelly Overton shared a big secret about filming season two saying she was pregnant during filming.  The show’s creator, Neil LaBute shared his thoughts on writing the show saying, ” What’s exciting about TV writing is writing characters continuously.”  However, when it came to him surviving the end of days, he took a different tone.  “I would be the first person to die in an apocalypse.”

During the panel, fans got their first look at what to expect from Vanessa Helsing, her friends and the vampires they are battling in season two of Van Helsing set to debut this fall.  The trailer is set to music but in this case the action speaks louder than the words.  There are plenty of vampires and lots of blood and gore for everyone.  We see glimpses of old favorites like Mohammed (Trezzo Mahoro), Doc (Rukiya Bernard), Flesh (Vincent Gale), Dimitri (Paul Johansson) and Vanessa’s daughter Dylan.  We also saw glimpses of Missy Peregrym as a katana-wielding vampire hunter and even new groups of humans and vampires.  With new characters come newer, and more brutal, methods of wreaking havoc in the apocalypse.  For your viewing pleasure, check out the season two trailer of Syfy’s Van Helsing below.

The new season is set to debut this fall.  If you cannot wait that long, season one is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.  It was also announced season one will be on Netflix this fall as well.  Be sure to stay tuned to Universal Monsters Universe for all things Van Helsing and check your local listings for the season two debut on Syfy!

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