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Our Time with Monsters and The Mummy. UMU Comes Full Circle.

The Mummy

A journey for Universal Monsters Universe comes full circle!

Ahead of the DVD/Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD release of The Mummy, we wanted to take some time to thank everyone for reading, following, liking, and supporting Universal Monsters Universe over the past year. It was an incredible experience to chronicle production on Universal’s first chapter in the “Dark Universe” through pre-production, principal photography, and post. When Joe and I first launched Universal Monsters Universe, we had aspirations to have a platform that would develop content around the classic Universal Monsters that would hopefully carry on the legacy of Universal Monsters fandom in a digital age. In just the same way that Forrest J. Ackerman “Uncle Forry” would lead the way for monsters with the American magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland – a magazine he was editor of and a principal writer, we wanted to continue that great legacy with the promotion of the memories of the classic screen actors and actresses, the iconic films, along with following the development of current films based on or inspired by the classic monsters that Universal Pictures produced.

It has been a long journey since I first wrote about The Mummy over at What’cha Reading, and Joe had written the first article on UMU that would help break news that Johnny Depp had been cast as The Invisible Man in The Invisible Man. We’ve come a long way and Universal Monsters Universe has grown to levels that both Joe and I could only dream of. Not even Maria Ouspenskaya’s Gypsy Woman from The Wolf Man could have predicted the success we’ve enjoyed across the site and social media. We wanted to be the premiere destination for all things The Mummy and that would ultimately lead us to the destination for the film premiere – our hometown of New York City. Along the way, we became official “film family” as deemed by the film makeup department, and would interact on a routine basis with the cast and crew in a way that will always have meaning. The Mummy is a film that was made with love by an enormously talented crew and it’s one that I will always hold in high regards, high praise, and high respect. I love this movie and I will never grow tired of speaking and writing about it and of the hard work that many put into it. But for now, the journey has come full circle.

The Mummy

L to R: Joe Grodensky, Ralph & Steven Biscotti. Taken during the NYC premiere for “The Mummy.”

Thank you again to everyone that has made the past year an unbelievable blessing and for giving me the opportunity to continually work on something with one of my finest friends – Joe Grodensky. But I’d also like to mention a few of the other fantastic writers we’ve worked with over this amazing period of time – Rob Texter – he created and gave us a column unique to his own voice (“Sundays with…”) and with a freedom to excite others with films outside of just Universal Horror. We also have Anna Strauss, who writes with a true authenticity that is wrapped with not only an enthusiasm for what she enjoys, but also an extremely talented and knowledgeable approach. Thanks to all of you, your work has truly elevated Universal Monsters Universe.

We have been quiet for a little while now. We’ve needed the time to rest and to recharge our batteries, just like Big Frank. But the monsters are coming back.

Before I part, I’d like to leave you with a few words from The Mummy:

“Death is but the doorway to new life. 

We live today, we shall live again.

In many forms we shall return.”

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII)

Universal Monsters Universe is something that has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. I’ve gone to conventions and premieres, met celebrities and have even gotten a fully signed The Mummy poster. The Mummy premiere was different from all of that because I got there, along with Steven, through an idea that we created. We were seeing the cast and crew we interacted with and wrote about every day in person! It all came full circle that night. It also opened my world up to the rest of the world. It is an honor to be recognized and acknowledged by our fans from all around the globe.

The Mummy

Joe of UMU with Ahmanet herself, Sofia Boutella.

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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