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Bride of Frankenstein

UMU offers the latest news on the upcoming “The Bride of Frankenstein” film set in the “Dark Universe.”

UPDATE 9/28/2017 @ 12:15 PM ET – It has been brought to my attention that the plot listed was based on an older take dating back to 2004. This plot will NOT be the basis of the upcoming 2019 film.

According to My Entertainment World, a site established as a hub for all things related to film production, Universal’s second installment in the “Dark Universe” – The Bride of Frankenstein, will begin principal photography on February 1, 2018. With shooting locations centering around London and New York City, My Entertainment World even offers up a brand new plot for the otherwise secretive project.

The story is set in contemporary New York, is centered on a young woman attending college. After being haunted by someone else’s memories, she gradually discovers that she died and was then unnaturally brought back to life.

As of right now, UMU has not been able to authenticate this through our sources, but as soon as we do, we’ll report it here. With that said, we can confirm the planned shooting locations being in London and New York City.

Bride of Frankenstein

With filming planned for an early February start date, The Bride of Frankenstein is following a film schedule not all that different from Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy, which opened this past June and featured Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella. If Bill Condon’s upcoming horror/thriller/monster movie stays on schedule, which it very well should, UMU would venture that casting announcements are not far off with the first coming through this November/December. Again, not unlike the casting announcements for Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella which were made during November of 2015.

Currently, the only actor attached to The Bride of Frankenstein is Javier Bardem. He will be bringing to life Frankenstein’s Monster, joining a long list of actors such as Boris Karloff, Glenn Strange, and Christopher Lee who played the creature in previous Universal Monsters and Hammer Horror films. Angelina Jolie has previously been associated with the role, but as of right now it appears as if she’s shifted over to Disney with the sequel to Maleficent moving forward. As much as I hate to write it, Angelina Jolie’s proposed involvement with Universal on The Bride of Frankenstein would have given her as much, if not more, creative control than Tom Cruise on The Mummy. Now understand, I love Tom Cruise and The Mummy. I believe it’s highly underrated as it is a true Universal Monsters film for those that have enjoyed a steady diet of Universal Monsters movie. I also love Angelina Jolie and she has more than proven herself to be a major talent in the industry. However, with the critical beating The Mummy took, along with much of the blame being pushed on Tom Cruise, it would seem likely that Universal would be wary of allowing a headlining star too much creative input on one of their upcoming “Dark Universe” films. With that said, it should not be surprising that Universal has gone in a different direction for The Bride of Frankenstein. As mentioned before, casting announcements should not be far off with the first “in talks” reports coming through in the next month or two.

Bride of Frankenstein

If the plot is to be believed, and The Bride of Frankenstein is to be centered around “a young woman attending college” this would unquestionably suggest an actress younger than Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron being cast. Could we see Beauty and the Beast helmer Bill Condon reteam with Emma Watson? The casting announcements for The Bride of Frankenstein will certainly be exciting to follow and surely just as inspired as The Mummy.

As always, stay tuned to Universal Monsters Universe for the latest on The Bride of Frankenstein and the Universal Monsters.

“The Bride of Frankenstein” releases on February 14, 2019 and is the second installment in Universal’s “Dark Universe.”

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  1. Sorry but that’s a fake lead. The synopsis refers to an unproduced screenplay that was written long before now, before Van Helsing even came out in fact. Writers were Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. Google their names along with Bride of Frankenstein and you’ll get the Variety article from 2004 near the top.


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