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In The World Of Van Helsing, You’re Never Truly Dead Or Missing

Van Helsing

It’s deja vu all over again on this week’s Van Helsing!

Season 2, Episode 2 “In Redemption” Aired 10/12/2017

Written by Jonathan Lloyd Walker

Directed by Michael Nankin

*spoilers contained within*

In the season premiere of Van Helsing, we followed Vanessa (Kelly Overton) as she searched for her daughter Dylan (Hannah Cheramy), who escaped while Vanessa was fighting Rebecca (Laura Mennell).  In this week’s episode, we see Doc (Rukiya Bernard) for the first time since last season’s finale.  Doc is part of a resistance group where she befriends Jolene (Caroline Cave) and reconnects with Callie (Maci Jullies), who was part of the original group of survivors with Doc holed up in the bunker.  Unfortunately, Doc makes a shocking discovery when she follows Callie who kept wandering away from camp.  Word gets back to Jolene and the camp about what happened and Doc becomes an enemy who can no longer be trusted.  Vanessa and Mohammed (Trezzo Mahoro) are on a journey of their own to help find a way to cure Dylan when they are met by hostile vampires.

Aside from Callie and Doc making their returns this season, Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) is back, albeit as a vampire.  When he encounters Doc, he immediately goes after her.  It’s easy to understand being Doc abandoned him in the season one finale and locked him in the bunker to be consumed by a swarm of vampires.  Even though he is a vampire, he does retain his human qualities, just as we discovered Dylan does.  They both have memories, speech and certain human emotions.  This week’s episode finally gave us the battle we were waiting for and it was as epic as we imagined.  Vanessa finally squares off against Julius (Aleks Paunovic).  It was an awesome scene and both actors gave it their all to make it bloody and realistic.  We also met a new character tonight.  All we know is they are covered in black, wield katanas and are on the side of good because they rescue Mohammed.

It’s only two episodes in and already season two of Van Helsing is better than season one.  Neil LaBute is writing in some excellent twists and turns just as I thought I was getting to know everything I needed to know about the characters.  There is a great balance between storyline and action.  The episode may start off slow but the next scene goes right into a bloody battle with Vanessa and the gang squaring off against a group of vampires.  It perfectly appeals to horror, suspense and action fans alike.

Van Helsing airs Thursdays at 9pm on Syfy.  Check your local listings.

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)


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