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Van Helsing Puts The Fun In A Very Dysfunctional Family

Van Helsing

It’s a family affair on this week’s Van Helsing!

Season 2, Episode 7 “Veritas Vincit” Aired 11/9/17 ***** stars

Written by Jonathan Lloyd Walker

Directed by Kaare Andrews

*spoilers contained within*

Van Helsing

If last week’s episode of Van Helsing was the creepiest episode of the season, then this week’s was the most shocking.  Last week we saw Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) send chills down our spines as he stalked his prey before meeting Vanessa (Kelly Overton) for a final battle.  In this week’s episode, Vanessa’s visions of a red door happen more frequently and even include a cameo by Susan (Hilary Jardine) who switches between human and vampire.  Vanessa and Julius (Aleks Paunovic) set off to find the facility that contains the red door.  Along the way they reunite with Doc (Rukiya Bernard) and find out what happened to Axel (Jonathan Scarfe).  The wounds of Doc’s actions are still fresh with Vanessa who says very little to Doc.  Axel knows the facility so he leads Vanessa into it where they meet the masked warrior with the katanas, who we now know as Scarlett Harker (Missy Peregrym).

Van Helsing


The title of this week’s Van Helsing is “Veritas Vincit,” which is Latin for “the truth prevails.”  There was a lot of truth prevailing in the form revelations about the past.  In the case of Doc trying to give Julis a needle, it was light-hearted and a fear of needles is something most people would eagerly nods their heads in agreement with Julius.  In the case of Scarlett and Vanessa, the revelations are much darker and more sinister.  After they fight each other, the girls agree to help each other find and unlock the red door.  Scarlett shares a story of her coming from a broken family and a father who committed suicide.  Vanessa reveals her mother died in childbirth.  When they find the red door and open it, they see a hospital room complete with beds and baby carts.  Unfortunately, people and children are not brought in to be cared for.  They are brought in to be tested and experimented on.  The new storyline is already off to a fantastic start and now that we know what we know about the connection between Vanessa and Scarlett, it should be a great piece to add to the show. Jonathan Lloyd Walker wrote one of the best plot twists on TV this season in this episode.  It will be great to see what happens when Dmitry (Paul Johansson) gets involved.

We are just about halfway through season two and I want to say that Van Helsing deserves, and should get, a third season.  Neil LaBute and the creative team behind the show went all out this season to top the show’s amazing first season.  The addition of Missy Peregrym has kicked this show into an even higher gear than before and I hope she sticks around for the rest of this season and a potential third season.  It would be so much fun seeing her and Kelly Overton working together to fight the vampires.

Van Helsing airs Thursdays at 9pm on Syfy.  Check your local listings.

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