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The Sisterhood of the Vampire Slayers Is Formed On Van Helsing

Van Helsing

The Van Helsing sisterhood is formed and a human returns to form!

Season 2, Episode 7 “Everything Changes” Aired 11/16/2017 *****stars

Written by Jeremy Smith & Matt Venables

Directed by Kaare Andrews

*spoilers contained within* 

Van Helsing

On the November 9th episode of Van Helsing, we learned the truth about Vanessa’s (Kelly Overton) past, including the part about Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) being her sister.  When they find the red door they both had visions of, they open it and discover a lab where Vanessa and others were tested and experimented on as children.  At the start of this past episode, we are transported back to 1976 where we learn about how Dmitri became a vampire and began his reign of terror.  The flashback transitions to an all-out brawl between Dmitri’s forces and the Van Helsing sisters.  When the girls are overwhelmed, Vanessa bites Scarlett and gains temporary enhanced powers she uses to take out a few more vampires before they finally flee.  The girls meet up with Axel who throws two grenades down the hatch to hopefully destroy Dmitri and his hoard.  Doc (Rukiya Bernard) and Julius (Aleks Paunovic) picked them up in an armored vehicle and the group is on their way.  Out in the woods, Flesh (Vincent Gale), Lucky (Andrea Ware) and Mohammed (Trezzo Mahoro) are on the move when they are found by Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl).

Van Helsing

Missy Peregrym is proving to be a great addition to the show as Scarlett.  The character is a mo-nonsense survivor.  She lives for the thrill of killing vampires with her katanas.  She compliments Vanessa very well and even shares some of Vanessa’s heightened senses.  She is even eager to learn if she can turn vampires to humans and heal like Vanessa does.  The opening fight scene against Dmitri was awesome and the two worked together using their weapons and abilities in perfect coordination.  Jonathan Scarfe has been great as vampire Axel.  He has maintained the stubborn, snippy personality he had as a human.  Doc and Axel are a perfect team even when they argue and bicker.

Van Helsing keeps getting better and better every week.  We all know blood, action, vampires and strong female characters are awesome, but there is more to this show than all of that.  This show has emotion.  The storylines have a soul to them that will make you feel for a character whether you love them or hate them.  The vampires in this show are not mindless killing machines.  They were human and led normal lives just like us.  That’s what makes this show great.  That is why this show deserves a third season.

Van Helsing airs Thursdays at 9pm on Syfy.  Check your local listings.

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