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Vampires Aren’t The Only Ones You Have To Watch Out For On Van Helsing

Van Helsing

This week’s Van Helsing proves humans are just as dangerous as vampires

Season 2, Episode 8 “Big Mama” Aired 11/30/2017 ***** stars

Written by Neil LaBute

Directed by David Winning

*spoilers contained within*

Van Helsing

We here at UMU hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday last week complete with plenty of food, family and overeating.  However, there was no Van Helsing to feast on.  Luckily, time flies and our favorite show was back this past week.  In the pre-Thanksgiving episode, Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) confront Dmitry (Paul Johannson), Scout (Rowland Pidlubny) and the rest of the vampires in an all-out brawl.  Whenit becomes too much, the girls flee where they meet Axel (Jonathan Scarfe), Julius (Aleks Paunovic) and Doc (Rukiya Bernard) in the armored vehicle.  When they make a stop along the way, they are ambushed by a paramilitary force who takes Vanessa while the others are hit with teargas.  In this week’s episode, the group has recovered and are on their way to find Vanessa when they are aided by a small-town sheriff and his deputies.  It seems like a sweet deal at first with food, showers and shelter but things start going very, very wrong.  Flesh (Vincent Gale) and Lucky (Andrea Ware) are searching frantically for Mohammed (Trezzo Mahoro) and Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) when they stumble upon Dmitry.

Van Helsing

This episode of Van Helsing was a fantastic episode because it showed that humans are just as bad, or maybe worse, than vampires.  It was not hard to tell that Walt (Tom McBeath) and his crew were not these concerned police officers trying to help their fellow human survivors.  When they escort the gang back to the compound, Walt immediately asks for their weapons in the name of security.  Being a former Marine, Axel is a kid in a candy store when he finds the armory but Scarlet and Doc know something is very wrong.  When Walt shows them the kitchen barbecue, they make a startling discovery which convinces them they need to leave quickly.  The escape plan goes well until Julius must fight for his life against “Big Mama.”  This gives the police officers time to re-group and catch the group in the act.  Walt’s group is so evil, they make you feel bad for thinking the vampires are the bad guys.

Van Helsing

There’s a social media campaign going around to renew Van Helsing for a third season and I am all for it.  Every episode that has aired this season was better than the previous one as it builds toward what is expected to be a explosive finale.  The new characters introduced this season have made an immediate impact on the storyline and deserve another season to be built up even more.  Syfy has a great program in Van Helsing.  Kelly Overton and the rest of the cast are terrific.  Neil LaBute is one of the best writers in the business and the creative team has done an amazing job from day one.

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