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The Van Helsing Vampires Are Getting Smarter…And Deadlier

Van Helsing

On Van Helsing there’s a reason why it’s called Crooked Falls

Season 2, Episode 12 “Crooked Falls” Aired 12/28/2017 ***** stars

Written by Jonathan Lloyd Walker

Directed by Paul Johansson

*spoilers contained within*

Van Helsing

On last week’s episode of Van Helsing, we were taken on an emotional roller coaster ride when we learn of Sam’s (Christopher Heyerdahl) past and how it shaped the monster he would become.  He has taken prisoners, including his own father, and crucified them to makeshift crosses where he feeds off of them.  The one prisoner he would not harm was Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro) even though Mohamad tried to kill him.  This week’s episode opens with Scarlet (Missy Peregrym) having a nightmare of her mother dying and her father turning into a vampire.  The group that she and Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) are staying with, begins to have doubts about them and their leader Denis (Michael Adamthwaite) wants them out of Crooked Falls.  Doc (Rukiya Bernard), Flesh (Vincent Gale) and Lucky (Andrea Ware) join the others in Crooked Falls where they encounter a deadlier breed of vampire.

Van Helsing

Nothing is scarier than something that won’t die.  Have you ever stepped on a bug yet the leg still twitches or it wiggles around before you need to practically grind it into the floor?  Well, imagine that but with vampires who set traps and come back to life after you shoot them.  This is what the gang had to deal with and it was not pretty.  Flesh became a hero and saved the gang from being completely overrun.  In the midst of all of the chaos, there was a quiet moment with Doc, Jolene (Caroline Cave) and the return of Callie (Macie Julies).  This episode was an awesome set-up for the season finale and makes us wonder what is in store for season 3 with these new vampires and how or whether they can be stopped.  While we lost some more characters, we gained some and learned more about our favorite characters.

Van Helsing

As much as I cannot wait for the season finale, it makes me sad because that means having to wait until next year for season 3 to start.  Van Helsing has as many surprises as it does guns and vampires.  There is a never a dull moment on this show.  Neil LaBute does a great job at keeping the audience guessing and their heart rates high.  How far will he go with it in season three?  That remains to be seen.

Van Helsing airs Thursdays at 9pm on Syfy.  Check your local listings.

We here at Universal Monsters Universe hope you all had a lovely holiday season and wish you a happy, healthy, monstrous New Year!

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