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The Van Helsing Season Two Finale Reveals All We Want To Know

Van Helsing

Van Helsing gives us answers in the season finale

Season 2, Episode 13 “Black days” Aired 01/4/2018 ***** stars

Written by Neil LaBute

Directed by Jonathan Scarfe

*Spoilers contained within*

In last week’s episode of Van Helsing, the gang discovered what made Crooked Falls so crooked.  The compound turns out to be a lab where Doc (Rukiya Bernard) and Boss (Andee Frizzell) discover the vampires are getting smarter.  They can communicate and set traps.  Scarlett (Missy Peregrym), Axel (Jonathan Scarfe), Flesh (Vincent Gale) and Lucky (Andrea Ware) must also contend with the inhabitants of Crooked Falls who want the gang out of the compound.  They eventually escape and make their separate ways.  Scarlett finds out Boss is actually her’s and Vanessa’s real mother.  In this week’s season finale, Scarlett and Boss make their way to the realm of the Elder to defeat him and the vampires once and for all and to rescue Vanessa (Kelly Overton).  Dmitry (Paul Johansson), Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) and Ivory (Jennifer Cheon) get to the realm as well, where they have vivid and horrifying flashbacks.

Van Helsing

Tonight’s episode is how you end a season!  The flashbacks to the lives of Dmitry, Scab and Ivory were a perfect way to wrap this season up and give us insight into who these characters really were.  Scab was a man named Scott who was a strikebreaker trying to make a living.  Ivory was burned at the stake because she refused to convert her religion.  They were honest people who were bullied and made into villains because they were different.  Neil LaBute did a great job saving this for last because the audience, while getting answers, is now questioning the views they’ve had of these characters since episode one.  It was perfect.  The ending was a great cliffhanger and builds up plenty of anticipation for next season.

Van Helsing

This season of Van Helsing was a wild ride and I am honored to have once again shared it with all of you here on UMU.  It is an excellent show and season three is going to be even better than this season.  Neil LaBute, Jonathan Lloyd Walker, Kelly Overton and the rest of the cast and crew are doing an awesome job with the show and I hope it continues to air beyond season three.  I hope it airs for a very long time.  Stay tuned to UMU for the latest developments on season three of Van Helsing.

Van Helsing airs Thursdays at 9pm on Syfy.  Check your local listings.

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