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A Look At Mondo Universal Monsters Art Exhibit Opening This Week!

Mondo Universal Monsters

Mondo Universal Monsters art exhibit coming to Austin, Tx.

Mondo Universal Monsters are coming!

The classic Universal Monsters are some of the most visually arresting and iconic of monsters, let alone character designs. They have inspired, entertained, and frightened us for generations over and, this coming weekend, the Universal Monsters will be the subject of Mondo’s latest art exhibit in Austin, Texas. Mondo will debut a spooky art gallery featuring some of the best artists renditions of the classic monsters such as Dracula and Frankenstein.

Here’s the lineup of artists contributing work that was inspired by the monsters that rose to prominence through films made in the 1920s through 1950s: Jonathan Burton, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Francesco Francavilla, Ken Garduno, Brandon Holt, Matthew Peak, Phantom City Creative, Eric Powell, Gary Pullin, Greg Ruth, Jessica Seamans, Stan & Vince, Ken Taylor, Matt Ryan Tobin and Bruce White.

“Ever since our original Universal Studios’ Monsters show in 2012, we always knew we’d love to revisit it with a handful of fresh, new posters. We’ve got a bunch of our favorite artists tackling some of the most thrilling films of all time, so this one is kind of a dream come true.” said Mitch Putnam, Mondo creative director. “The Universal Monsters never get old for us.”

Mondo Universal Monsters


by Jes Seamans, 18″ x 24″ Screen Print, Edition of 250, variant edition of 125

“When Mondo asked me to be in the show, Frankenstein was my first pick in the hope that I could do something focusing on the monster’s loneliness, which is what I’ve always been most drawn to in the story, rather than his horribleness. I cannot think of anything more desperately sad than being brought into this world totally alone and unique among men.

“I knew I wanted to memorialize his one brief moment of human connection, and I used the mob and torches and dramatically lit rocks as a backdrop to remind the viewer that there is no respite for this beast, no display of humanity unmarred by tragedy, no happy ending on the horizon.”

Mondo Universal Monsters

The Invisible Man

by Jonathan Burton, 24″ x 36″ Screen Print, Edition of 300, variant edition of 150

“I first saw The Invisible Man on the TV as a kid, maybe 11 or 12 years old, and overall I remember the character as a frightening ‘monster’ terrorizing a village. To me the idea of having an unseeable enemy was a really uncomfortable one. I think we’re all curious as to what it would be like to actually be invisible and to secretly observe like a fly on the wall. This could be why the character endures, but also the film cleverly puts us in his situation. We feel his conflict before he succumbs to his madness, and we realize that invisibility is actually a curse.

“As I watched the film again when considering the poster I saw the character with more nuance; it’s more heartbreaking as Griffin finds no way out of his predicament. He’s a tortured figure driven mad.”

Mondo Universal Monsters

Bride of Frankenstein

by Ken Taylor, 15″ x 36″ Screen Print, Edition of 325, variant edition of 175

“I actually only watched Bride of Frankenstein for the first time when I took the project on, although I was familiar with certain scenes and of course the Bride herself.

“The character design of the Bride is just masterful. She steals the whole movie with the short amount of time she is in it. She is so beautiful but quite scared and timid. This coupled with how she looks, and also how she has been lit in her scenes, makes her frightening and frightened at the same time.”

Here’s a look at a few of the other classic Universal Monsters that will be on display:

Mondo Gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe St. in Austin. The Universal Monsters gallery runs from January 19th through January 27th. Opening reception: Friday, Jan. 19, 7-10 pm.

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