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The Statue of Dracula! The “Scars of Dracula”! Sink Your Teeth Into This!

Scars of Dracula

Sink your collector teeth into the Scars of Dracula 1/4 scale statue!

When monster fans think of Dracula, there’s really just two names that come to mind – Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee. Despite the iconic performance of Gary Oldman and even, let’s say, Luke Evans, Lugosi and Lee really are The Count for all seasons! The classic Universal Monsters are just as recognizable as the Hammer Horror films and one of the key aspects that had added to their longevity is the continual merchandising of these monsters since their original theatrical release. Nearly 50 years after its release, Hammer Horror’s Scars of Dracula is getting the premium format statue treatment by Star Ace Toys that every monster collector will want to sink their teeth into!

Scars of Dracula

Our friends and affiliates at Entertainment Earth have released information regarding the Scars of Dracula statue and Dracula is indeed in the details. Christopher Lee as Dracula is the debut figure for Star Ace Toys new line of 1/4-scale mixed media polyresin statues! Featuring Mr. Lee as he appeared in Hammer Studios’ 1970 film Scars of Dracula, this figure captures the beloved movie icon in one of his most famous roles. Now, you can feel the fear of Count Dracula with this large-scale statue. The detailed diorama base depicts the castle where Dracula lived in the film, and the fabric costume with swirling cape perfectly captures Dracula’s formal wear. This spooky 1/4-scale statue stands about 21″ tall.

Scars of Dracula Count Dracula 1:4 Scale StatueOrder Scars of Dracula Count Dracula 1:4 Scale Statue from Entertainment Earth!

The Scars of Dracula statue is currently up for pre-order here with a price of $439.99 – EE calls it “really cool expensive stuff.” The quarter scale statue is expected to arrive this August of 2018.

Which Dracula do you prefer? Are you more of a Lugosi or Lee fan? Let me know in the comments below.

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII)

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