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How the Internet Has Made Every Day, Horror Day!


How the Internet Has Made Every Day, Horror Day!

People love a good scare, and this has been shown through the increasing number of horror related media across entertainment mediums. Where once horror was consider a niche genre, it is now one of the most profitable and sought after. Quartz reported that in 2017 the horror genre was even able to save Hollywood from the crisis that it’s facing on multiple fronts. Get Out was recorded to have a raked in over $733.5 million in the U.S. alone. The Mummy, which was released by Universal Pictures on Blu-Ray and DVD in August 2017, also contributed to the success of the horror genre last year with a total worldwide gross of $410 million.

Today the genre has become a large global market, and much of that success is due to how the internet has enabled everyday to be a horror day.

Streaming Services

Streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime, have opened up the horror genre to many more fans. With each service providing a catalogue of old and new horror films from across the globe, viewers who wouldn’t have bought horror DVDs are much more likely to explore the genre. Such is the demand of the genre that the streaming services are now producing their own horror content. I am a Pretty Thing That Lives In The House is a Netflix original that is considered a cult classic.

Movie Marketing

The internet has changed how all movies are marketed, allowing fans to have a much greater interaction with the promoted films or TV shows. For the 2013 film World War Z, the marketing team included a website titled The Crisis Zero. The website showed an end of the world countdown while reporting strange occurrences that were happening on the streets. It even included original horror footage of these occurrences, including couples suddenly disappearing and people running for their lives. This type of online marketing helps build hype around new releases. The marketing strategy clearly worked for World War Z, as it became the highest grossing zombie film of all time, despite a troubled production.

Below is the image of the Crisis Zero marketing.


Online Games

Videogames have always had a strong relationship with horror, and as gaming platforms have evolved, so too have horror games. There are many types of online horror games available that take popular franchises and add a new spin to them. One successful online horror game is Friday the 13th, which is a nod to the classic cult character and human butcher extraordinaire Jason Voorhees. It allows multiple players to work together online to escape Jason.

Below is a game play clip of Friday the 13th.

Other gaming companies have capitalized on the success of the horror genre through incorporating famous characters and creatures into their gameplay. Industry leader Foxy Bingo, which recently launched the interactive channel Foxy Television, is the company responsible for hosting the horror slot games Nightmare on Elm Street, Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild, and Bloodsuckers. All of these games give horror fans a new angle in which to interact with their favorite classic monsters. The fact that these games appear on a medium not normally associated with horror shows how far the genre now reaches. The New York Times noted that 2017 was the biggest year in horror history sales, which means that we will see much more online content related to horror in the near future.

We live in the golden age of entertainment, with so much content devoted to horror at our fingertips. For horror fans this truly does provide the opportunity to make everyday, a day of horror.

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